DIY paper flowers WREATH

For today’s post when I came across this DIY paper flowers WREATH by thecraftymummyblog that I thought was very easy to make and still looked good and fun. -I still haven’t tried it yet but I am planning on making it some time soon. I hope you enjoy! And don’t forget to give this post a like and comment below if you’ve tried it out!

The Crafty Mummy

As you may already know I got the crocheting bug and all my latest craft ideas are made of yarn, wool..and my always beloved felt..❤️so decided to take a tiny little break and made paper flowers for change☺️hope you’ll like them! ️Super easy to make and wreath is only one use idea, they can decorate a card or frame, make a lovely bouquet, table centrepiece.. List is endless!

I used glue gun as its definietely the quickest

Spring has sprung in my craft room!

Happy Sunday☀️

hugs from Dublin🍀



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7 Easy Tips to Create the Serene Bedroom of Your Dreams

As life gets busier, a bedroom becomes more than a sleeping space – it’s an escape to a calmer, more serene world that rests the mind as well as the body. To create your own in – house getaway, use these easy tips to “calm-ify” your bedroom and transform it into a more beautiful and restful retreat.
Sink into some silence
Create white noise to block out sounds that disturb the solitude. Install a stylish ceiling fan with gently whirring blades to give the room a languid, tropical ambiance that will help you relax.

Paint the room green

Studies show that green has a calming effect when used as a main color for decorating. A recent homeowner study conducted by Sherwin-Williams found that more than 60% of home owners would consider adding shades of green into their home, with more than half saying they would use it to paint an entire room.

Add fresh houseplants
Living things like leafy or flowery plants, make a bedroom feel more down to earth. Visit your local garden centre and purchase a variety of houseplants, large or small, to freshen the air.

Fluff up your bedding
Give your bed a fresh new look and feel. Buy yourself some soft, cool white sheets. Add a featherlike, comfortable bedspread or quilt, and top it with multiple pillows of all shapes and sizes fir a well-rested night’s sleep.

Lower the lighting

Adjusting the lighting can completely alter the atmosphere in a bedroom. Install a light dimmer or add a programmable timer that turns off and on automatically to help lull you to sleep, yet brighten the room when it’s time to get up.

Treat yourself to new window treatments

Add to the eazy-breezy feeling of the room by purchasing fresh, flowing curtains or sleek new blinds that can be easily adjusted to block out the daylight.

Simplify for serenity’s sake
Eliminate clutter to keep it out of sight – and out if mind. Add cabinetry with built in organisation features like drawer inserts. Add more shelving in the closet. Use baskets and pottery to keep small items contained. Having everything in its place will help you feel free to relax in your beautiful new bedroom.






Gulf Times; Community (Page 13), Lifestyle,Thursday, March 24, 20016 edition

(images are fromm gGoogle)

DIY Painted Pencil Decor

Have you every thought of painting your own pencils? Well now is not too late. Below are the instructions to the super easy penicl decor I found on Martha Stewart’s website:


  • 1/16- to 1/8-inch-wide skinny masking tape
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paintbrush
  • Plain pencils


  1. Begin by wrapping tape around pencil; try a candy-cane design, or wrap in individual circles for parallel lines.
  2. Paint over whole pencil generously with acrylic paint. Whenpaint is dry, remove tape.0206_kids_gtpencils_ht_hd

Please make sure to comment below if you enjoyed and tell me if you tried this out!



10 Last Minute Hairstyles

Have you ever woken up with literally no time to do your hair? Then this is the perfect thing for you. Below are ten hairstyles that are mostly suitable for all hair lengths.

1. The Two-Strand Waterfall Braid

Once you get the hang of this, you’ll be able to do this hairstyle in five minutes.

2. Twisted Ponytail

Twisted Ponytail

Divide the ponytail into two sections, twist one section and wrap around the other section to create this casual twisted ponytail.

3. Summer Scarf Updo

Summer Scarf

Using a stretchy headband, you just take large sections of hair and wrap around the band, tucking in the loose strands.

4. The Low Knot

The Low

This works great even for short to medium-length hair.

5. The Knotted Pony

The Knotted / Via

6. The Tidy Hair Bow

7. The Over-the-Shoulder Pony

The Over-the-Shoulder Pony

8. The Asymmetrical Chignon

The Asymmetrical Chignon

9. Otherwise Known as the Two-Minute Tuck

Otherwise Known as the Two-Minute Tuck

Put that boring elastic headband to good use. Directions here.

20. The Brisk Braid Wrap

The Brisk Braid Wrap


BuzFeed Life

Do you think I should also start posting tutorial videos? If so comment below! Also comment which hairstyle was your favorite. Mines is the Two Strand Water Fall Braid because it’s so easy.

~The Awesome One

3D Abstract Wall Art Cloud

Who does’nt like looking at clouds? Why not make your own abstract cloud (for the cloud-free days 😉 )

Photo: Brittni Mehlhoff


  • Plan out your color palette first.
  • It’s recomeneded not to use to many colors (5 colors maximum)

Photo: Brittni Mehlhoff

Supplies Needed:

  1.  Wood circles  *The ones I used are from here and the sizes used are as follows: 4 in, 6.5 in, 8 in, and 10 inch. Similar wood circles can be found at craft stores as well.
  2. Acrylic craft paint in several colors (up to five), paint brushes, and blue painter’s tape (masking tape)
  3. 1/2″ thick dowel rods
  4. Rotary tool or small saw (to cut the dowels)
  5. Wood glue
  6. Sheet of 1/8″ – 1/4″ hardboard or plywood
  7. Hammer and nails
  8. Saw tooth picture hanger


1. Start by taping off various shapes on one of the wood circles. Be sure to press the tape down securely, especially at the edges, for a crisp line when finished.

2. Paint inside the taped off area, and allow to dry.

3. Remove painter’s tape and begin the process again with another color. Or keep it simple, and use only one color. Or use three! Have fun with it.

4. Repeat this process for all of your circles in various sizes, and be sure to mix up the patterns and color combos.

5. Now, it’s time to cut some dowels. Using a rotary tool or saw, cut various lengths from the dowels (I stuck to four different sizes for this project – one short, one medium-short, one medium, and one tall). The dowels will determine how far away each circle will rest from the main wood frame that everything is connected to. NOTE: I also attached several circles straight to the wood panel base, without any dowels, which gave me a fifth height.

6. Once the dowels have been cut, set aside and do a dry fit to roughly map out the positioning for where you want the painted circles to line up when everything comes together. Once you start putting everything together, this layout might change, but it’s good to have a game plan when you get started.

7. With the design in place, it’s time to start gluing the dowels to the back of each circle. Flip over all of your circles and using wood glue, attach a dowel to the center of each circle and let them dry according to the instructions on the glue bottle. Clamp if necessary for thirty minutes to an hour and do not stress joints for a full 24 hours. You can also use the painter’s tape to hold things in place while the glue dries. NOTE: I selected the dowel heights at random, for the most part, making sure that no two circles next to each other would be at the same height.

8. Next attach a saw tooth hanger to the upper center of the hardboard or wood base. Flip over.

9. Now, that you have given the dowels enough time to fully dry and attach securely to the circles, you are ready to attach the dowels to the wood base with more wood glue. Additionally, nails can be hammered through the underside of the wood base and into the dowels for extra security. This helps keep the dowels in place while the glue is drying, in addition to extra security, but is not required.

9. Allow the entire piece to dry for a full 24 hours before hanging.


How to: Make DIY Colorful 3D Geometric Wall Art by Brittni Mehlhoff on Jun 25, 2013

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DIY Locker Decoration and Organisation tips*

*Okay I know this website is supposed to be mostly on DIY’s and this is not about DIY’s but I’m sure any high-schooler will LOVE the cool ideas that I found. I will try and make a DIY post for all the docorations mentioned.


  1. Wallpaper: Put on a wallpaper (Gift wrapping also works) that suits your personality.

Tip: Use bright colors, they help make your locker look more spacious. Also make sure to measure the paper before cutting and sticking it on.



2. Locker carpets are also another thing you can add in, it makes your locker look more cozy. You can just buy some furry fabric and cut it out to fit your locker. There are many places where you can buy them ready-made as well.


3. Chandeliers: Locker chandeliers are also really cool and look great! There are also some that have motion sensors on them for when you want to turn the on!

Tips: if your locker is really small or already has a lot decoration in it then it is better not to add a chandelier as it makes it look stuffy and overdone.

4-Door Accesories: Door accesories are also a great idea because they look great and can also help with storage- and as a girl you always want to have a place to store small stuff like hairties and clips in your locker. You can also put your extra stationary in a compartment so it doesnt just lie there and roll around.

5- Whiteboards: White boards are also a very easy way to keep arganised as you can easily write notes on them if you need to. You can also use a mini black boards…(not recomended)

Tip: You can also use a mirror as a white board and save space!

 6. Cork Boards: Using corkboards is another way you can keep organised. You can stick up all sorts of things from reminders to pictures you like.



  1. Subjects: Always put your books in catagories. An easier way is to put all the books from the same subject in an envelope file, making each subject a different color, that way you don’t have to spend too much time looking for your books. Normally you can find very decorative files.


  2. Magazine Files: These also help keep your books upright. You can also use baskets. You can also buy plain magazine files then design them (cover them in girft wrapping, draw on them if your an artist, use masking tape and acrilyc paint to make patterns on them… etc.)


  3. Magnets: Just like the white board and cork board magnets are another way for sticking stuff on your locker. You can also design your own magnets.


  4. Clothes Hook: It’s really handy to have clothe hooks, that way you can hang up your clothe instead of folding them up or dumping them. You can find many that you can just stick on. (sorry I could’nt find any pictures!)

Resources:(Most images were from Google)

If you found this post helpful please press the comment below.


If you are not really into DIY’s then you can get something from LockerLookz for you locker.

~The Awesome One





DIY Fabric Covered Boxes

Fabric covered boxes are just the best ways for storage… You can also use these for your lockers and wardrobes…


First, round up the necessary supplies.  You’ll need about ½ yard of fabric for every box, sometimes more for larger versions. You’ll find wood boxes at a craft stores, you’ll also need glue designed for fabric and a brush to apply it. For thicker fabrics, you’ll need a staple gun too.


Next, cut the fabric to the size of the box and allow for enough fabric to wrap all fours sides.

trim fabric

With your staple gun, secure the first long side of the box with a few staples inside and close to the middle.

staple fabric

Apply a thin coat of glue to the bottom of the box and smooth the fabric as you rotate it around so that it lays flat along the bottom.

fabric glue

Staple the second side along the interior of the box, concentrating the staples toward the middle.

staple sides

Trim a piece of remaining fabric on the unwrapped sides so that you can easily wrap it up and around the edge without bulky excess. Add an additional layer of glue to the sides.

trim sides

fold up and over

add glue


Fold the trimmed fabric up and over the side of the box and secure it tight with the staple gun.

fold over

staple edge

Repeat the same process for the lid, but keep the fabric stapled  to the bottom edge of the lid to avoid the box becoming too difficult to close due to excess layers of fabric.

repeat for lid


In less than an hour you can create two stylish storage boxes for housing office supplies or mementos.

diy fabric covered boxes


DIY Fabric Covered Boxes

Magnetic make-up Board

Who else has loads of trouble keeping their make-up tidy? (I think that should be everyone) Why not try out this super cute and kind of easy magnetic make-up Board?

All you need is:
-Picture Frame
-Hot Glue Gun
-Thin Metal Sheet
-Tin Snips
-Decorative Paper (or wrapping paper)

DIY Magnetic Makeup Board Supplies

1. First take your picture frame and remove the glass and back.  Measure the back of the frame and then mark your metal sheet with a sharpie to the same measurements so it will fit in to your frame.



step 1.png

2. Using tin snips cut the metal to size.Picture1.png

3. Measure your paper to the same size as the metal and cut.



4 & 5.  Now using hot glue attach your magnets to your makeup.  The hot glue does much better if the surface is clean.



And there you have it! If you liked it please give it a like and comment below if you have any suggestions for future posts!









DIY Graphic Door Decor

Getting tired of your plain old door? Why not try out this cool graphic door design?! It’s super easy but takes a little patience..


  1. Electricians tape
  2. Measuring tape
  3. Scissor
  4. Duct-tape (for sides)
  5. Exacto knife

To begin with you need to have a plan of what you want your door to look like. After that you just have to measure out your tape and stick it onto the door, making sure not to stretch as that will make the tape recoil.The triangles and circle were made by using a shape punch on black contact paper, and the yellow edge was created with duct tape.